Top BBQs – Cheap BBQ and Grills Test – The Three Best BBQs

We worked hard to hunt down the very best coal barbecues which do not exceed £100. Discover our best barbecues and tips for the buyer.

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Winner: Weber Compact 47

  • Main features: Easy installation, robust design and good temperature control.
  • Burger space: suitable for 12 burgers.
  • Installation time 41 min.

Comments: This slim, porcelain-covered version of the heavier grille is made of stainless steel, has an axle catcher and is ideal for small gardens. If you launch a serious grate arsenal, Weber’s chimney starter kits are worth the effort. Prepare the coal quickly and we found it extremely useful when we tested the 15 Barbie on a very busy day in April.

Best Value

Asda BBQ

  • Main Features: Large grill, hinged lid and practical storage compartment for cooking.
  • Burger Space: suitable for 24 people.
  • Installation time: 2 h 15 min.

Comments: Discarding a corner! The installation was difficult for us. It took more than two hours (and a lot of frustrated land) to find out where the seemingly endless vineyards and nuts had to go. The result, however, is an excellent grill with excellent temperature control and a practical shelf for storing cooked food in the canteen. Be patient with the design, and you will benefit from it all the summer.

The Best For Multi-Tasking

Bar Bar Instant

  • Main Functions: Additional functions: smoke, burns and water vapour.
  • Burger Space: suitable for 12 burgers.
  • Installation time 40 minutes.

Comments: We were impressed by the fact that this modest cylindrical device has four cooking functions. In short, there are two layers and the bottom layer can be converted into a covered, portable net. It is not as strong as a traditional smoker, but it can keep you warm for up to three hours, so you can smoke whole chickens or pork ribs for the evening.

The Best Portable BBQ

Jamie Oliver BBQ

  • Main features: Quick cooking time and portable cooking handle.
  • Burger space: suitable for 8 burgers.
  • Installation time 35 minutes

Note: This low-floor grill is very close to the ground, so you can cook from the bench if you do not have your knees. Carbon is close to the frying pan and food is boiled very quickly, but there are ventilation openings that regulate the temperature. The cover can be attached to the side and is beautiful and lightweight, making it a very practical solution on the move.

So, final notes: What to buy?

Buying a barbecue for the first time can be daunting. Elegant electricity or gas grids can cost the earth, while traditional coal grids range from brittle, inexpensive, deliberately built grids to enamelled grids for boilers that do not look out of place on a Texan pallet.

We love the original process of creating our own focal points, so we used our test settings only for carbon grills. The most important thing to consider when buying is the number of people you cook for, how much storage you have, especially if you’re in carbon bags and other grill waste (some grills also have very practical safety guards), and where and when you grill.

For many people, small portable barbecues are suitable for excursions, but also for couples, families with small children or simply for those who like to cook in groups. It’s also worth taking a realistic look at how often you use the net. If you dust it once or twice a year, an expensive gas grill with a large surface area is unlikely to be worth the effort.

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